Textiles from the Glasgow Japan Exchange of 1878: how a cultural exchange led to an academic one.

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By Josephine Dear, MLitt  Dress and Textile Histories student and Lorna Rowley, 2nd year student, MPhil Textile Conservation. Part 1: Research, Josephine The exchange In November 1878 the Japanese government gave to the City of Glasgow a remarkable collection of over 1,000 contemporary art wares. These ranged from architectural pieces, furniture, wood and lacquer ware,… Continue reading

MPhil Textile Conservation – a new opportunity to apply for 2017

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Frances Lennard An unexpected vacancy has arisen on the programme beginning in September 2017 and further applications are welcome. The application deadline is Monday 24 July.  Interviews will be held, in person or by skype, on Tuesday 8/ Wednesday 9 August.   Depending on need, bursary funding will be available for UK/EU or overseas students.… Continue reading

MEG Conference

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The Centre for Textile Conservation and Technical Art History and the Hunterian Museum were delighted to host the 2017 Museum Ethnographers Group conference at the beginning of April.  Around 80 delegates came from as far away as New Zealand to hear two days of presentations from museum professionals and academics on the theme of cloth… Continue reading

From flowing to structured – changes in Indian menswear from the 17th to the 20th century as an effect of British Rule

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by Dr. Toolika Gupta, former PhD student. Piqued by an interest in fashion history and encouraged by a paper presentation in Sept 2011 at the Fashion Colloquia London held at the London College of Fashion, a crazy pursuit of exploring British-India’s past in terms of dress led to the beginnings of this research.  I started… Continue reading

Volunteering for the barkcloth research project

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Author: Misa Tamura, Research Conservator with contributions from: Beth Knight, Aisling Macken, Marika Kesler, and Megan Creamer, first and second year students, MPhil Textile Conservation. As part of Situating Pacific Barkcloth Production in Time and Place project interventive conservation work and re-housing have been carried out for Pacific, chiefly Polynesian, barkcloth collections from the Hunterian… Continue reading

Open day 2017: time to shine!

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by Cecilia Voss, Phd student. Training to be a textile conservator is a full-time, life changing commitment and so the Centre for Textile Conservation and Technical Art History Open Day is a well-deserved opportunity for the students to really shine. In front of friends, family, funders, clients and professional colleagues, the students were able to… Continue reading

Keep calm and carry on cleaning!

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By Laura G. García Vedrenne, first year student, MPhil in Textile Conservation. Different types of soiling can be found altogether in historic textiles. When this happens, conservators find it useful to classify or characterize each type of soiling in order to match its removal with a specific cleaning process. To sum it up: the best way… Continue reading

Untangling a network of knots

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by Bevan O’Daly – 2nd year student, MPhil Textile Conservation. As I near the end of the two-year course, it’s time put theory into practice. For one of my final projects I was given the challenge to conserve a black netted shawl from the Sande Society of Sierra Leone (A.1985.13.ip). The object belongs to Glasgow… Continue reading