A Study in Scarlet: researching Colin Mackenzie’s bloodstained jacket

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colinaged74 - Copy

by Hannah Vickers, 2nd year student, MPhil Textile Conservation *warning: contains a graphic description of violence which some may find upsetting* Here at the Centre it’s unusual to know any detail about the history of the objects we work on. We can make educated guesses as to why a garment might be stained or torn,… Continue reading

Another view of The Mystic Hunt of the Unicorn tapestry

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Members of the project team: Dr Philip Harrison, from the School of Engineering at University of Glasgow and Cecilia Voss, PhD student, with the scanning team.

by Frances Lennard, Senior Lecturer in Textile Conservation. Regular readers of this blog will know about our tapestry monitoring project at Stirling Castle part of the wider research project: From the Golden Age to the Digital Age: Modelling and Monitoring Historic Tapestries. As a further contribution to this research, Historic Environment Scotland’s Digital Documentation team… Continue reading

Prospective students

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CTC.272_Westminster jersey_IP

New application deadline for entry in 2016 There is  a further opportunity to apply for a place on the MPhil Textile Conservation programme starting in September 2016. The application deadline is Thursday 16 June 2016. Skype interviews will be held on Friday 24 June.   Application deadline for entry in 2017 For entry in September… Continue reading

Conservation of an Edo fire fighting cape: Costume and class in Early Modern Japan

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By Nora Frankel, second year student, MPhil Textile Conservation. For me, getting a new object for treatment in our second semester ‘Principles and Practice’ class is always met with excitement and anticipation.  When I lifted the tissue paper off what was to be my final project after reading the short description and client brief, I… Continue reading

Filtered Light on Light-Sensitive Dyes: A Pilot Project

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  By Dr Anita Quye, Lecturer in Conservation Science, Centre for Textile Conservation. Exposing textiles coloured with light-sensitive natural and synthetic dyes to light is risky. Even under controlled museum conditions with ultraviolet and short wavelength visible light removed, these dyes can fade. Why? Because visible light still has enough energy to change the molecular structures… Continue reading

The conservation of an 1820s cap (if something so extravagant can be called such).

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Ultrasonic humidification restored the shape and appearance of the cap ©CSG CIC Glasgow Museums Collection and University of Glasgow, 2016.

by Nora Frankel, 2nd year student, MPhil Textile Conservation. Wet cleaning of historic textiles for conservation is a surprisingly complex process. As textiles in collections can often contain degraded fibres, multiple layers and mixed materials, the practical and ethical decisions of washing increase drastically.  While wet cleaning may benefit some materials, it can potentially cause… Continue reading

Jing Han receives a prestigious China Scholarship Council award

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Jing Han and UPLC

Many congratulations to Jing Han who has been selected by the China Scholarship Council for their prestigious annual National Excellent Self-Funded Students Scholarship. The scholarship is in recognition of Jing’s academic excellence for her PhD research of traditional Chinese textile dyes at the CTC supervised by Dr Anita Quye and Prof Nick Pearce, for which… Continue reading

Lessons in Colour: Washing a 19th Century Sampler

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by Aisling Macken, first year student, MPhil Textile Conservation. As first year students at the Centre for Textile Conservation, we learn a variety of methods to clean a textile, and this year the most important method is undoubtedly the process of wet cleaning. As part of the wet cleaning module that takes place during the… Continue reading

A ‘bumper’ year: Open Day 2016

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By Professor Nick Pearce, Trustee of the Textile Conservation Foundation and Richmond Chair of Fine Arts, University of Glasgow. The Centre for Textile Conservation and Technical Art History opened its doors again on Friday 18th March. Open Day at the Centre is an annual opportunity for those within and outwith the University to see and… Continue reading