Seda quebradiza e iluminación excesiva: ¿A dónde se fueron los hilos coloreados de urdimbre del delantal de la muñeca?

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Por Laura G. García Vedrenne, estudiante de segundo año, Maestría en Conservación de Textiles     Como parte de la currícula de la maestría que cursamos en el Centro de Conservación de Textiles (CTC, por sus siglas en inglés), estudiamos el tema de la fotodegradación y sus efectos sobre los colorantes y fibras textiles. A… Continue reading

Shattering silk and bright lights: where have all the coloured warps of the doll’s apron gone?

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By Laura G. García Vedrenne, second year student, MPhil Textile Conservation. As part of our taught lessons at the CTC, we study photodegradation and its effects on dyes and textile fibres. Last semester, I treated the apron of an early 20th century bisque doll dressed in regional costume, belonging to Glasgow Museums, which had suffered… Continue reading

It takes more than 30 minutes! : experiences of building a humidification chamber

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by Eva Maria Catic, 1st year student, MPhil Textile Conservation One of the great reasons to be a student at the Centre for Textile Conservation is the opportunity to explore different treatment methods. As soon as I mentioned to Sarah my intention to build a humidification chamber for our humidification practical, she instantly agreed to… Continue reading

Colours to dye for

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by Charlotte Lolita Cameron and Chuance Chen, first year students, MPhil Textile Conservation. Textile conservators are often required to dye materials such as fabrics and threads for stitch or adhesive supports. Due to the high standards required, dyeing our own materials is preferred, ensuring the end result is light and wash fast and exactly the… Continue reading

New convenor of the MPhil Textile Conservation programme

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Frances Lennard, Professor of Textile Conservation. The MPhil Textile Conservation programme has a new convenor: Karen Thompson has recently taken over the role from Frances Lennard, who has led the programme since it was established at the University of Glasgow in 2010, and before that at the Textile Conservation Centre, University of Southampton. The programme… Continue reading

Unroll and Unfold: Preserving Textiles and Thankgkas to Last

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Dr Dinah Eastop and Dr Mary Brooks (Durham University), Honorary Research Fellows with the Centre for Textile Conservation and Technical Art History, supplied this image from the recent conference in Hong Kong. TCC and CTC alumni gather, with Marion Kite (Conservator Emerita at the V&A) and Teresa Heady (Senior Objects Conservator, St Paul’s Cathedral), at… Continue reading

Lugs and Lobsters: a tale of relocation

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By Becky Doonan, 2nd Year Student, MPhil Textile Conservation Last month, the 2nd year MPhil Textile Conservation students at the Centre for Textile Conservation (CTC) had the opportunity to work with The Hunterian, Glasgow. Founded in 1807 on a bequest from Dr William Hunter, The Hunterian is home to one of the finest university collections in… Continue reading

Graduation celebration

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Frances Lennard, Professor of Textile Conservation. Many congratulations to our new graduates! The graduation ceremony for mainly postgraduate students in the College of Arts was held earlier this week, and it was very exciting to welcome the entire class of 2017 back to Glasgow for the occasion, the first time that a whole cohort has… Continue reading

11th North American Textile Conservation Conference

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by Michelle Hunter, 2016 graduate. I was recently able to attend the 11th North American Textile Conservation Conference (NATCC), which is held every two years to share ideas and advancements in the field of textile conservation.  Each conference has a different theme and the theme of this one was ‘Embellished Fabrics: Conserving Surface Manipulation and Decoration’. … Continue reading

Conservation in Practice excursions – Part one: The Glasgow School of Art’s Collections and Archive Services

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by Marika Kesler, 2nd year Student, MPhil Textile Conservation and Sarah Foskett. The second year course Conservation in Practice aims, amongst other things, to put the theory and practice of textile conservation into a professional context and enhance the students understanding of the way practical treatments are applied in different contexts. The timetable is mostly filled with… Continue reading