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Sweet Decadence: The Treatment of a 1950s Couture Dress

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by Lauren Van Dessel, 2nd yr student, MPhil Textile Conservation As part of the MPhil Textile Conservation programme, students complete their first year by undertaking a summer placement in a conservation lab. This summer, I was lucky enough to fulfil my placement at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (FAMSF). One of the reasons… Continue reading

Third time’s the charm: The perks of giving a presentation several times

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by Camille Lafrance, Second year student, MPhil Textile Conservation It is not common for a student to have the opportunity to do a presentation more than once; presentations are often forgotten soon after they are given. During our busy semesters, there are never enough chances to reflect further on the feedback received and go back… Continue reading

Placement with Zenzie Tinker Conservation Ltd

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by Catherine Harris, second year student. After being unable to complete a placement as planned in the summer of 2020 as part of the Textile Conservation programme at the University of Glasgow, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to go and work with Zenzie Tinker Conservation Ltd (ZTC) in-person. For three weeks between… Continue reading

Collaboration in practice: Clay poultices and regenerated cellulose membranes

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by Catherine Harris, 2nd year student, MPhil Textile Conservation. My virtual placement experience, like all my classmates, was unexpected and came with challenges as well as tremendous rewards. The research project, which made up my virtual placement, was with Zenzie Tinker Conservation Ltd (ZTC), an independent conservation studio based in Brighton, United Kingdom. Started by… Continue reading

Our Virtual Placements

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By Yufei Xiang, Catherine Harris, Beth Gillions, Anna Robinson, Callie Jerman, Ásgrímur Einarsson and Signe Marie Thøgersen This year placements were undertaken remotely with students working with their placement host and mentor on a project of interest and relevance to the institution. In this blog, the now second year students give an overview of their… Continue reading

Drawn from History – Deconstructing Menswear Silhouettes from Historic Portraits

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by Anna F Robinson, First-year student, MPhil Textile Conservation Historic portraiture and art provide a unique and dynamic visual way for conservators to look at, understand, and contextualize how historic costume was worn and looked. Analysing period artwork for shape, style, drape and distribution of weight, was a valuable tool in a recent mounting project… Continue reading

Placements 2018, Part 2.

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In this second part, three students give an overview of their experiences of placements based  in London and of sharing their experiences once back in Glasgow at the placement presentations.       Emma (The British Museum ) I carried out a 9 week placement at the British Museum within Organics Conservation, largely working with the four textile conservators in the… Continue reading

Placements 2018: Part 1

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Written by the 2nd year students, MPhil Textile Conservation, compiled and edited by Emma Smith. For the last course of the first year of the MPhil Textile Conservation, we undertake a six week minimum work placement, giving us an opportunity to put the skills we have learnt in the first year into practice in a… Continue reading