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The Fashion and Race Database

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Megan Creamer, Isabel Bader Research Fellow, Queen’s University, Art History and Art Conservation Program. Stapheny Cheng, Andrew W. Mellon Fellow, Textiles, Conservation Center, Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The study of fashion, dress, and textiles has always been closely aligned with research on the presentation of self, and socio-cultural identities of all kinds including… Continue reading

Barkcloth:Revealing Pacific Craft

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by Frances Lennard, Professor of Textile Conservation. The activities of the Centre for Textile Conservation and Technical Art History encompass research as well as teaching on the textile conservation and technical art history programmes. A major research project on Pacific barkcloth, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, is now nearing completion. The project… Continue reading

Researching historic tapestries: a day-trip to Hampton Court Palace

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by Rosa Costantini, Phd student. As a nice break from the PhD routine, which in spring is marked by the stress for the upcoming annual progress review, at the beginning of April I spent a day visiting Hampton Court Palace. During the centuries, the palace was (one of) the houses of the royal family, particularly… Continue reading

Following the banner path: a visit to the People’s History Museum in Manchester

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by Daniel Sanchez Villavicencio, PhD student in History of Art. As part of my PhD in History of Art, I am aiming to characterise the context and manufacturing technique of a group of painted trade union banners in the collection of Glasgow Museums, all made by the companies of George Kenning towards the turn of… Continue reading


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by Frances Lennard, Professor of Textile Conservation. I’ve recently returned from a research visit to the USA where it was a great pleasure to meet up with CTC and TCC graduates. I attended the American Institute for Conservation (AIC) conference in Houston and then went on to Washington, DC, to meet my Co-Investigator, Adrienne Kaeppler,… Continue reading

Dressing for an air raid

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PhD student Lucie Whitmore is coming to the end of her PhD research into the significance of dress from the First World War period.  She has made some fascinating discoveries about this surprisingly little-researched area of dress history, and is making recommendations on how dress from this period could be better represented in museum displays.  … Continue reading

Modern Material Artefacts: a new postgraduate programme for a new era

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By Dr Anita Quye, Programme Convenor for Modern Material Artefacts, Senior Lecturer in Conservation Science, and Head of History of Art. Life became more fashionable and convenient when mass produced synthetic materials entered everyday living. For the last 160 years, plastics, colourants and fibres transformed from natural resources have been squeezed, rolled, pulled, blown, coated… Continue reading

From Textiles to Lacquer

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Dr Jing Han, Professional Fellow, Getty Conservation Institute (GCI). After completing my doctorate at the CTCTAH last year, specialising in the identification of textile dyestuffs, a couple of months ago I came to the GCI and began to do research on lacquer. The chemical characterisation of lacquer, especially Asian lacquer, is very challenging as it is hardly… Continue reading

Analytical dyes research at the CTCTAH: a five-year reflection

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By Dr Anita Quye, Senior Lecturer in Conservation Science. It has been an exciting five years for my research team and I while establishing scientific dye analysis for textile conservation and dress history at the University of Glasgow, and seems hardly any time since bringing my passion and expertise for analytical heritage science to the… Continue reading

Textiles from the Glasgow Japan Exchange of 1878: how a cultural exchange led to an academic one.

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By Josephine Dear, MLitt  Dress and Textile Histories student and Lorna Rowley, 2nd year student, MPhil Textile Conservation. Part 1: Research, Josephine The exchange In November 1878 the Japanese government gave to the City of Glasgow a remarkable collection of over 1,000 contemporary art wares. These ranged from architectural pieces, furniture, wood and lacquer ware,… Continue reading