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Textiles from the Glasgow Japan Exchange of 1878: how a cultural exchange led to an academic one.

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By Josephine Dear, MLitt  Dress and Textile Histories student and Lorna Rowley, 2nd year student, MPhil Textile Conservation. Part 1: Research, Josephine The exchange In November 1878 the Japanese government gave to the City of Glasgow a remarkable collection of over 1,000 contemporary art wares. These ranged from architectural pieces, furniture, wood and lacquer ware,… Continue reading

From flowing to structured – changes in Indian menswear from the 17th to the 20th century as an effect of British Rule

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by Dr. Toolika Gupta, former PhD student. Piqued by an interest in fashion history and encouraged by a paper presentation in Sept 2011 at the Fashion Colloquia London held at the London College of Fashion, a crazy pursuit of exploring British-India’s past in terms of dress led to the beginnings of this research.  I started… Continue reading

Volunteering for the barkcloth research project

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Author: Misa Tamura, Research Conservator with contributions from: Beth Knight, Aisling Macken, Marika Kesler, and Megan Creamer, first and second year students, MPhil Textile Conservation. As part of Situating Pacific Barkcloth Production in Time and Place project interventive conservation work and re-housing have been carried out for Pacific, chiefly Polynesian, barkcloth collections from the Hunterian… Continue reading

Tapestry advisory meeting

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by Margaret Smith, Research Associate & University Teacher. The Leverhulme funded research project,  ‘From the Golden Age to the Digital Age: Modelling and monitoring historic tapestries’  held its first advisory panel meeting at the School of Engineering, University of Glasgow on the 30th Nov 2016. The meeting kicked off with the project team, made up of conservators and… Continue reading

The Dragon Banner

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by Frances Lennard, Professor of Textile Conservation. I’ve just returned from the city of Tainan in Taiwan where I was invited to visit the Institute of Cultural Heritage Preservation Research, part of the Ministry of Culture’s Bureau of Cultural Heritage, to  discuss the treatment of two dragon banners. The banners are very significant cultural objects,… Continue reading

European Researchers Night (Part 2): Situating a Pacific Barkcloth Explorathon stall

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 by Misa Tamura, Research Conservator for Situating Pacific Barkcloth Production in Time and Place The research team working on the project Situating Pacific Barkcloth Production in Time and Place were at a stall in the Hunterian Museum talking to visitors about the project and the museum’s Pacific barkcloth collection, as part of the University of… Continue reading

European Researchers Night (Part 1): ‘Crinolines, Coal Tar and the Colourists’

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By Dr Anita Quye, Senior Lecturer in Conservation Science. Background info:  European Researchers’ Night is an annual event funded by the European Commission that takes place in over 250 cities across Europe. #explorathon16 @ernScot. Explorathon 2016 was part of European Researchers Night where the contribution that research makes to all our lives was celebrated across… Continue reading

David Smith Unpacked: a dye manual collaboration with the Royal School of Needlework’

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By Dr Anita Quye, Senior Lecturer, Conservation Science. Studying one historical dyeing manual with beautiful textile swatches is exciting enough. Comparing multiple copies of the same book for colour similarities and differences is a rare treat. Thanks to funding secured from the Worshipful Company of Dyers by Dr Susan Kay-Williams, textile historian and chief executive… Continue reading

中国古代染色拼图, The Jigsaw Puzzles of Dyeing in Ancient China

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by Dr Jing Han, Research Associate. 韩婧,助理研究员 374 Pages, 85619 words, 1245 days: when the final copy of my PhD thesis was printed, bound and lying quietly in front of me, I breathed a deep sigh of relief, and felt a great sense of accomplishment. From the archival research on historical Chinese dye recipes to… Continue reading

Another view of The Mystic Hunt of the Unicorn tapestry

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by Frances Lennard, Senior Lecturer in Textile Conservation. Regular readers of this blog will know about our tapestry monitoring project at Stirling Castle part of the wider research project: From the Golden Age to the Digital Age: Modelling and Monitoring Historic Tapestries. As a further contribution to this research, Historic Environment Scotland’s Digital Documentation team… Continue reading