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From flowing to structured – changes in Indian menswear from the 17th to the 20th century as an effect of British Rule

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by Dr. Toolika Gupta, former PhD student. Piqued by an interest in fashion history and encouraged by a paper presentation in Sept 2011 at the Fashion Colloquia London held at the London College of Fashion, a crazy pursuit of exploring British-India’s past in terms of dress led to the beginnings of this research.  I started… Continue reading

Jing Han receives a prestigious China Scholarship Council award

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Many congratulations to Jing Han who has been selected by the China Scholarship Council for their prestigious annual National Excellent Self-Funded Students Scholarship. The scholarship is in recognition of Jing’s academic excellence for her PhD research of traditional Chinese textile dyes at the CTC supervised by Dr Anita Quye and Prof Nick Pearce, for which… Continue reading