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Winter graduation 2022

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Huge congratulations to Sarah Almeida, Sebastian Blue Pin, Erinn Dunlea, Camille Lafrance, Katica Laza and Kirstin Ingram on their graduation! Graduation for the class of 2020-2022 took place in the late afternoon of a chilly December Glasgow Friday. And although there was definitely a nip in the air, there was something quite magical about the… Continue reading

Reflections on a year after graduating

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by Beth Gillions, Textile Conservator, People’s History Museum.  ‘How long have you been there now? 18 months? 2 years? No, it must be longer than that!’ My friend’s disbelief mirrors mine exactly. It seems only two weeks and yet also a lifetime ago, that I left Glasgow and my studies just over a year ago… Continue reading

Mix, stir and match: the complexities of dyeing conservation support fabrics

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By Kirstin Ingram, Second year student, MPhil Textile Conservation Dyeing support fabrics can sometimes feel like witchcraft even with synthetic dyes: you mix potions together, stir at a boiling pot, and turn a piece of undyed fabric into any colour of the rainbow. However, sometimes this magic can involve a lot of trial and error… Continue reading

Irene Emery, deconstructing and defining tradition: dance pioneer, sculptor, textile authority

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by Sebastian B Pin, 2nd year MPhil Textile Conservation student. On 14th  of April 1929, a Sunday evening, Martha Graham took to the stage of the Booth Theatre, New York, to present a pioneering new programme of dance which marked the debut performance of her newly formed company: Martha Graham and Group. The programme of… Continue reading

Treasures unearthed: the Centre for Textile Conservation and Technical Art History moves to Kelvin Hall

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By Nicole Giacomantonio, Textile Conservator. The Centre for Textile Conservation and Technical Art History has officially moved house! After 10 years in the Robertson building, the Centre has relocated temporarily to the Hunterian Collections Study Centre, awaiting the development of a more permanent lodgings, also in Kelvin Hall, scheduled for completion later in the year.… Continue reading

Karen Finch centenary

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Ahead of Karen’s centenary on 8th May 2021, please visit the blog on the Karen Finch website. Here you can find out what is planned for the centenary year and where to send your recollections and reminiscences for inclusion in the upcoming Centenary section of the site.

A love letter to ‘dyer’s beige’

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by Beth Gillions, 2nd year student, MPhil Textile Conservation My first encounter with dyeing came at a young age when my family started participating in historical re-enactments at a beautiful Tudor Manor House in Suffolk. Nestled in the grounds of Kentwell Hall’s barn sward sits the woolshed where first I learned to turn sheep’s fleece to yarn, and the ‘Dyers’ where I first… Continue reading

Breaking down: sustainable textiles and practices

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By Katica Laza, 1st year student, MPhil Textile Conservation. Over the past decade we have become more aware of the impact the fashion and garment making industry has on the world. Reports have emerged not only of the humanitarian issues, such as the collapse of the Rana Plaza in 2013 which highlighted the inequality and… Continue reading