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Cleaning in puddles – a modified approach for a fragile textile

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By Erinn Dunlea, first year student, MPhil Textile Conservation. Conservators must tailor each conservation treatment to the needs of the object in their care. This can be informed by the object’s nature, condition, and the context and objectives of the treatment. This past semester I undertook the conservation of a length of fabric which belongs… Continue reading

Keep calm and carry on cleaning!

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By Laura G. García Vedrenne, first year student, MPhil in Textile Conservation. Different types of soiling can be found altogether in historic textiles. When this happens, conservators find it useful to classify or characterize each type of soiling in order to match its removal with a specific cleaning process. To sum it up: the best way… Continue reading

Tricky “textiles”

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by Hannah Sutherland, 2nd year student MPhil Textile Conservation The term textile can mean many things to different people and across museum collections. The requirement of a “textile” conservator to work on items which are not textiles in the traditional sense can vary depending on institution collection, institution staffing or personal specialism. As we head… Continue reading

Unexpected textiles: Conservation of a Victorian flying machine

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by Nora Frankel, 2nd year student, MPhil Textile Conservation. It would not be incorrect to imagine that a typical day in the conservation studio for a textile conservator involves costumes, furnishings, tapestries, and many of the every day objects throughout history that are constructed of fabric. Sometimes, however, a unique object requires attention that falls… Continue reading