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A Study in Scarlet: researching Colin Mackenzie’s bloodstained jacket

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by Hannah Vickers, 2nd year student, MPhil Textile Conservation *warning: contains a graphic description of violence which some may find upsetting* Here at the Centre it’s unusual to know any detail about the history of the objects we work on. We can make educated guesses as to why a garment might be stained or torn,… Continue reading

Conservation of an Edo fire fighting cape: Costume and class in Early Modern Japan

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By Nora Frankel, second year student, MPhil Textile Conservation. For me, getting a new object for treatment in our second semester ‘Principles and Practice’ class is always met with excitement and anticipation.  When I lifted the tissue paper off what was to be my final project after reading the short description and client brief, I… Continue reading

Tricky “textiles”

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by Hannah Sutherland, 2nd year student MPhil Textile Conservation The term textile can mean many things to different people and across museum collections. The requirement of a “textile” conservator to work on items which are not textiles in the traditional sense can vary depending on institution collection, institution staffing or personal specialism. As we head… Continue reading